Friday, May 15, 2009

Photo Slideshow-"Visitors"

This is actually one part of an assignment-(once again Media Practices-Concepts) that actually involved four mini-projects. Here, the assisnment was to use a location as, in a sense, a "subject" and to portray that "subject" in four different approaches-Narrative, Discursive, Artsy/Designy and Intuitive using a series of photos. In my usual grandiosity, and being home on "spring break" with a surplus of time and energy-what initially started out as a "Photo Study" of my Aunt Louise and Uncle Ricky's farmland in the outskirts of Owego, N.Y. turned into this baroque atmospheric "ghost story" in the style of "Rural Gothic". It ultimately involved several different locations, including St. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church in Endicott, N.Y., props, characters and some Photoshop-ing. Entitled "Visitors"-the basic premise consisted of strange goings-on at a rural farmhouse that only the children were privy to (kind of within the whole "Children of the Corn". "The Other' and "Village of the Damned" school, but not quite). The grandfather "picks up" on it and decides to take, shall we say, remediative action...
I just wanted to put a special thanks here that I lazilly and typically left out of the final credits. Special Thanks (in no particular order) go to My Aunt Louise and Uncle Ricky Wasyln, their nephews (my cousins) Michael and Nicholas Wasyln, Peter Hovencamp, Father Stavros Lever, Gregory Harris, Boneless Beef and Alan Polyniak (who, believe it or not, had been the editor on the Troma classic film "The Toxic Avenger" and decided to come and bring his expertise out for one of the days.) Thanks all!!! (For the discerning, retro-80's music scholar- yes, that is the opening bars of the song "The Storm" by the superlative band Big Country.)

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