Friday, May 15, 2009

Digital Storytelling Final Project

Alas, it is the rapidly approaching end to my first year in Grad School. Instead of getting sentimental or blasting Alice Cooper's "Schools Out" from a huge boom-box from the back of the bus, I figured I'd post some of the work that I actually accomplished in the midst of rainy and cold commutes, various bad take-out food and utter economic precarity. Instead of boring you with the dense pedantry of ton's of written work (which you can find in some of the earlier posts). I thought I'd stay snappy and designy and guaged toward the a/v components of the semester. First off-my final project in Kit Laybourne's Media Practices Concepts Class- An assignment entitled Digital Storytelling Project. This was an intensive project in which we "pitched" ideas to the class that revolved around those "often-told" anecdotal tales from the mosaic of our respective lives-you know, those ironic, gotcha, funny and tear jerking event and contingency tales. We brought in three different "pitches" and the class voted on which one they liked best as well as giving critical input. I decided to go with a story of how I had contracted viral meningitis on what was supposed to have been my first day of Kindergarten-as a working title I was stuck with the schmaltzy "Sepetember Passage" but there's really no title at all.

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