Saturday, February 28, 2009

Still Life Cycle For Concepts Class

I was certainly not the only person to be slightly disoriented and taken aback when on the first day of a "hi-tech" digital production and design class we were administered sheets of blank newsprint and charcoal and instructed to engage in the perennial model sketch. But I began to recognize the fact that there was a type of "chop wood, carry water", Mr. Miyagi, zen kind of pedagogy going on along the "more will be revealed" variety.
Above is the "still life" I arranged to work from that consisted of a clock, two vases and two pieces of statuary.
The first assignment was a "gesture drawing". We were instructed to work really fast and get the general "formal gestalt".

The next is a "contour drawing", a sketch consisting of looking directly at the object without glancing back at either pad or pen.

Here is a "detail" from the Sphinx statue's head-at this point I knew that I wasn't the reincarnation of Raphael

This was a "negative space" assignment-the idea being to define the space around the object-as-such and concentrate on that .

Above is a picture of the Fantastic
Four's Reed Richards discovering the
"Negative Zone", some atlternate universe lying somewhere to the left of our own. Please don't ask me why
I'm refing this-I guess I'm just strange...

Here are some 1"x 1" minis-here the idea was to start to conceive of the space in different ways by limiting the size of the canvas.

Here's a blown-up detail of the center one:

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